A Video About Vicenza, Italy

A video blogger that has some great travel information has done a video about 5 Things You Will Hate and 5 Things You Will Love about Vicenza. This video is directed toward all the military personnel who will PCS to Vicenza, so I thought it fitting to share it here. At times it drags a bit, but it gives you one man’s opinion about what is good and not so good about living in Vicenza. If you get nothing else from it, you will get a glimpse of beautiful downtown Vicenza.

Here it is!

Wolter’s World has a number of good videos on different cities, countries and even languages. If you have questions about a certain place, Mark (the guy in the video) probably can help you out. Visit his website to see more or look him up on YouTube.


Where to Get a Haircut in Vicenza

hair salons in Vicenza, ItalyEvery time you move, one of the challenges is finding someone to cut your hair. That challenge is even bigger when you move to another country. Where is the best place to go to get your hair cut in Vicenza? Just like any other place, it depends on your personal preferences. However, there are several options.

On Post

There are two places to get your hair cut on post. First, there is a beauty salon in the PX.  The beauty shop is open when the PX is open, even Sundays and holidays. The phone number is 0444-71-5619. I think sometimes you can walk-in, but they prefer you have an appointment. They provide the standard services. If you don’t want to worry about scheduling an appointment off post and want to speak English, the salon is an easy option.

I have heard mixed reviews about the beauty salon, but lately people seem to be pretty happy with hair cuts and color. (They have changed management a couple of times since I have been here.)

Not interested in the beauty salon in the PX? You can still get a haircut on post. The Family Hair Care Center or spa is located across the street from the post office. It provides more of a full-service salon experience. It has hours similar to the beauty salon, but provides a few more services, such as massages. The contact number for the Family Hair Care Center is 0444-71-6097.

The Family Hair Care Center seems to be the more popular option if you want to have your hair styled on post instead of venturing out in the community.

Salon Lisa

The place that most people mention as a place to go for a hair stylist off post is Salon Lisa. Lisa formerly worked at the salon on post for many years. She speaks English and is located near Villagio. I get my hair cut here and Lisa is a very nice lady. Her shop is easy to get to and has plenty of parking, so it is convenient. She does a good job both on hair cuts and color. Her prices are reasonable, as well. She has another stylist working with her, so it is a pretty small shop.

Salon Lisa’s address is  Via Zamenhof, 825, Vicenza. Her number is 0444239127. She is open 10-? Tuesday through Saturday. Lisa is very flexible and I have seen her come in for established clients will come in when she is scheduled closed.

Beauty Secrets

Another place many Americans get their hair done, as well as other salon services, is Beauty Secrets Salon. I have not been here, but this salon is popular with many people. They do reasonably priced waxing and facials. They cut men’s hair, which is great for those guys who aren’t military and want more of a style than the barber

Beauty Secrets is just outside the pedestrian gate on Viale della Pace, 232. (It is across the street past the traffic circle.) The phone number there is 0444305584.

There are a bunch of other places, but these are the most common answers I have gotten when talking to ladies about hair!

If you get your hair done someplace fabulous, leave the information in the comments so that others may benefit!

New English Website for the Vicenza Area

Many times I have looked at Italian websites for local events, I try and translate the contents. Although I can usually get the general idea, I can’t always understand the finer points of what is being said. I just discovered a great new website for the American and English speaking community in Vicenza, Italy. The website Living in Vicenza has great information and it is in English!

What is on the Living in Vicenza website?

The Living in Vicenza website is pretty easy to navigate. Events, businesses and attractions are sorted into tabs across the top in  categories such as “nightlife“, “art and culture” and “eat and drink“. You can search by category or you can click on a calendar date and see area events on that day. Local businesses advertise and run specials, which makes it easy to learn where to find the shops and services you need and want.

Click on a listing, the information pops up, along with a map to the event from Caserma Ederle. This is a great feature, because it provides a point of reference. It also gives the attraction hours and cost of admission.

The one negative that I have found on this site is that it is fairly new and is still in development. There is not as many listings or events as their could be. I do think Living in Vicenza is worth visiting. If we don’t support this site, it will disappear. It has great potential and if it continues to grow it will provide a lot of great information for the American community in Vicenza.

Autumn Weather in Vicenza, Italy

Somehow September and October have whizzed past and November is almost here.  I shouldn’t be amazed at how fast time flies, but I always am.

We are definitely into cooler weather here in Vicenza. It is not really cold, but it is definitely jacket weather!

Last year (2010), in November and December it rained and rained. It rained 10 inches in just a couple of days. (You can read about it in Stars and Stripes if you would like.) There was flooding. Many people did not go to work and schools closed for a few days. The tangeziale (a highway) and the autostrada (toll highway) closed as well. It was not an average year, so I hear from the locals. Here are some pictures taken by AFRICOM.

This year, we have not had as much rain so far. I’m glad of that. However, it did get me wondering about the typical autumn weather was in Vicenza.

So, I looked it up!

According to Weather.com, the statistics are:

September: Average High 76 degrees F, Average Low 56 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3 inches

October: Average High 65 degrees F, Average Low 47 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3.4 inches

November: Average High 53 degrees F, Average Low 37 degrees F, Average Rainfall 4.7 inches

December: Average High 44 degrees F, Average Low 30 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3.1 inches

Be ready for cool weather, but if you are used to the northern United States, it won’t feel all that cold. It is damp and gloomy at times. Make sure you have an umbrella, for sure.

If you don’t have a good waterproof jacket and rain boots, now would be a good time to buy them. I ended up buying rain boots from Target online, because the ones here are more expensive! Wading through flooded or wet parking lots is hard on leather shoes!

Wine Down Wednesdays with Vicenza Outdoor Rec

Italian wine barrelsIf you have been around the military for long, you know about ODR, Outdoor Recreation. ODR in Vicenza has the enviable task of deciding which spectacular tourist destination to visit for group tours. These tours are really fantastic and for those people who are hesitant to go out on their own, I would recommend trying one just to see travel in Europe is not all that scary.

In the case of full disclosure, I don’t go on many ODR trips, because with a family they can prove rather expensive. I also have a rambunctious preschooler who tends not to do well on bus trips. I hate to be **that** mother who gets all the glares of every person on the bus. Yes, my son is probably that loud and active.

When I do have the opportunity to go on a trip with a group of adults, I grab it. Wine Down Wednesday is just such a chance. Once a month on a Wednesday, ODR sponsors a wine-tasting trip. The bus leaves around 8 AM and is home before 2:45 PM when the kiddos get out of school. It is a great chance to see the countryside, visit with other adults and – oh yes – taste wine.

So, once a month I pack the boy off to child care and spend some quality time forgetting to act like a parent.

I love tasting the wine, but the process of touring the vineyard is pretty cool, too.  Usually the vineyard the group visits provides some background and information on the complete wine-making process, as well as a history of the area. Each region around the area has a bit different type of wine, so as you visit the different regions you learn about the different types of wine.

You can bring home bottles with you to enjoy later or just taste the wine and go.  To learn more about the “Wine Down Wednesday” trips, contact Vicenza ODR.

USARAF Info Online

Were you looking for some official webpage, but you found my site PCS Italy instead?

I am glad you are here and hope you find some great information. I know sometimes what I share about my experiences aren’t exactly what you need. So, I am sharing social media and internet websites from U.S. Army Africa (USARAF).

Sometimes it is nice to get information straight from the source. Check out these links to learn more about USARAF.

Love Twitter? Follow USARAF.

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Watch videos online at USARAF on Vimeo.

Finally, head to the official USARAF website.

Hope these can help you find the information you need!

Photo Friday, Chiesa dell’Aracia, Vicenza, Italy

Chiesa dell'Aracia