Photo Friday, Sunflowers.

Sunflowers, they’re not just for Kansas anymore!


Moving Tips for those about to PCS – A Roundup

moving box

I’ve thought a lot about how hard it is to move. Even though I have only been here a year, we are already gathering junk that will have to go somewhere in two years.  Moving is right at the bottom of my list of things I like or want to do. For those families who are career military, moving is second nature and many spouses have moving down to an art form. For me and I am sure for others…moving just stinks.

Because I am not so great at the whole move thing, I am sharing a round-up of posts I have found around the internet.

Anyone else have any great tips on moving?

Photo Friday, May 27, Vicenza, Italy Canal

Last August, I was wandering around downtown and found this canal. I’m not sure I could find it again!

Vicenza, Italy Canal

Happy Monday!

Some Wordle Art for you to admire!

Festa Della Comunita’ Americana in Camisano, May 20

The community of Camisano has celebrated their spring festival the last week or so. Each night carnival rides have run. There are regularly scheduled events, as well. On Friday, May 20, the celebration going on is the American Community Festival. This dinner and get-together is to celebrate the American-Italian relationship and to have a party for the American families living in the community.

Come and enjoy a dinner of bigoli (pasta with a variety of sauces), barbecued Meat, a side of beans or french fries and polenta or bread. Wine or water are available to drink. The cost of the meal is ten euro. The meal and entertainment begin at 7:30 PM.

American and Italian Bands will offer entertainment. Banda Musicale Silvestri, Drop Simpler and Onyx Side The Godsons of Soul will be playing.

Come and enjoy some good food and fun in Camisano.