Where to Get a Haircut in Vicenza

hair salons in Vicenza, ItalyEvery time you move, one of the challenges is finding someone to cut your hair. That challenge is even bigger when you move to another country. Where is the best place to go to get your hair cut in Vicenza? Just like any other place, it depends on your personal preferences. However, there are several options.

On Post

There are two places to get your hair cut on post. First, there is a beauty salon in the PX.  The beauty shop is open when the PX is open, even Sundays and holidays. The phone number is 0444-71-5619. I think sometimes you can walk-in, but they prefer you have an appointment. They provide the standard services. If you don’t want to worry about scheduling an appointment off post and want to speak English, the salon is an easy option.

I have heard mixed reviews about the beauty salon, but lately people seem to be pretty happy with hair cuts and color. (They have changed management a couple of times since I have been here.)

Not interested in the beauty salon in the PX? You can still get a haircut on post. The Family Hair Care Center or spa is located across the street from the post office. It provides more of a full-service salon experience. It has hours similar to the beauty salon, but provides a few more services, such as massages. The contact number for the Family Hair Care Center is 0444-71-6097.

The Family Hair Care Center seems to be the more popular option if you want to have your hair styled on post instead of venturing out in the community.

Salon Lisa

The place that most people mention as a place to go for a hair stylist off post is Salon Lisa. Lisa formerly worked at the salon on post for many years. She speaks English and is located near Villagio. I get my hair cut here and Lisa is a very nice lady. Her shop is easy to get to and has plenty of parking, so it is convenient. She does a good job both on hair cuts and color. Her prices are reasonable, as well. She has another stylist working with her, so it is a pretty small shop.

Salon Lisa’s address is  Via Zamenhof, 825, Vicenza. Her number is 0444239127. She is open 10-? Tuesday through Saturday. Lisa is very flexible and I have seen her come in for established clients will come in when she is scheduled closed.

Beauty Secrets

Another place many Americans get their hair done, as well as other salon services, is Beauty Secrets Salon. I have not been here, but this salon is popular with many people. They do reasonably priced waxing and facials. They cut men’s hair, which is great for those guys who aren’t military and want more of a style than the barber

Beauty Secrets is just outside the pedestrian gate on Viale della Pace, 232. (It is across the street past the traffic circle.) The phone number there is 0444305584.

There are a bunch of other places, but these are the most common answers I have gotten when talking to ladies about hair!

If you get your hair done someplace fabulous, leave the information in the comments so that others may benefit!


Where to Buy A Car in Vicenza

mercedesOne of the hardest things about moving overseas is figuring out whether or not to ship your car. If you decide not to ship the car; then you need to decide how you will get from place to place. You can choose to take public transportation (i.e. the bus and trains) and walk a lot. Your other option is to buy a car once you arrive in Vicenza. Here are some thoughts about deciding where to buy a car in Vicenza.

New or Used Car?

Only you know your budget for purchasing a car. There are places you can buy  new vehicles. You can find some decent used cars for sale by people. There are also plenty of “hoopty” cars available. In case you have never heard the term “hoopty”, it is a less than impressive get around car. These cars often need repairs or are not meant to drive on your exploration trips around Europe.

New Car Dealers

There are several places to get a brand new car here in Vicenza. If you don’t plan on keeping your car when you go back to the states, you can go to any of the local car dealers. Most of these will not sell cars with U.S. specs. There are a couple of places that do sell new cars that are legal to drive in the U.S. Pentagon Car Sales sells both new and used cars and is fairly close to post. If you want a BMW, this is a good place to get it. The other place that is easiest to get to is AAFES Auto Sales. It is on post and you can browse the tiny lot of a variety of car makes. Or you can order a new car if you are in no hurry. Auto Exchange sells Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen. If you go in the main gate, you have to drive right past Auto Exchange to get there.

Used Cars

Finding a good used car can take a bit  more patience and a lot more searching. The three ways people typically find used cars are by cruising past the used car resale lot, word of mouth, or by looking online. If you are lucky, someone you meet will be wanting to sell a reliable car prior to PCS. That does not happen to often, but put the word out so that you are the first person that comes to mind when someone is selling a car. The car resale lot is tucked back in the middle of post. Sometimes there are a lot of good cars other times, none. It is worth a drive by, though. There are several online sites that you can find used cars. Vicenza Bookoo, Vicenza MWR Marketplace and the Facebook Yard sale groups  are the ones I can name quickly.

Hopefully this gives you a place to start in your search. Usually you can find cars that fit all budgets, but as always if you plan on buying the cheapest car you can find plan on making repairs! Happy Car Shopping!

Colleges on Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy

Colleges at Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy

photo by jussstas

One of the difficulties of being a military spouse is the challenge of finishing a college education. Just when you think you will be able to finish at one duty station, you are on to the next duty station. It is all part of the life, but just because you know and understand this does not make it any easier. Fortunately for everyone, the army provides education centers to help. Like most military installations, Caserma Ederle has an education center with several colleges available to help you finish your college degree or just take a class or two.

The following colleges/universities offer courses on post:

  • Central Texas College – CTC offers associates degrees in a variety technical fields; such as EMT, early childhood education, and criminal justice
  • University of Maryland University College – UMUC offers associates, bachelors and masters degrees. Programs are offered in fields from Accounting to Mathematics or even Italian Studies.
  • University of Phoenix – UOP offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees and other graduate degrees.
  • University of Oklahoma  – I am not positive that OU still offers courses in Vicenza, but I know at one time they were considering it. If you would like to drive to Avianno, there is a graduate International Relations program being offered by OU.

I have linked to the websites so that you can do your research on the programs. If you want to verify that the information on the websites is current, make sure you talk to the counselors at the education center. They will have the most up-to-date information on programs offered, as well as the current listing of courses. The education center number is 0444-71-8925.

USARAF Info Online

Were you looking for some official webpage, but you found my site PCS Italy instead?

I am glad you are here and hope you find some great information. I know sometimes what I share about my experiences aren’t exactly what you need. So, I am sharing social media and internet websites from U.S. Army Africa (USARAF).

Sometimes it is nice to get information straight from the source. Check out these links to learn more about USARAF.

Love Twitter? Follow USARAF.

Check out official USARAF photos on Flickr.

Friend USARAF on Facebook.

Watch videos online at USARAF on Vimeo.

Finally, head to the official USARAF website.

Hope these can help you find the information you need!

Get in Shape With the Vicenza Wellness Center

Eliptical Trainers

Photo by cwcav

After a year of living in Italy, the pasta and vino is getting the best of me. I eat too much and don’t exercise enough. So, I have gained some weight. I’m not happy about it, but one of the perks of  being here is the  post fitness center.

Along with the exercise facilities, pool and classes, the fitness center has added services. The Wellness Center offers fitness and metabolic testing, as well as help in reaching fitness and health goals.

I am out of shape and haven’t exercised regularly in a while, so I decided to see what the fitness evaluation would tell me. I called for an appointment a couple of weeks out.

I considered canceling, because I was a bit nervous going in to a building with a staff full of thin and athletic people. Instead, I pulled on my exercise clothes and tied my shoes and went.

The fitness evaluation was easy and pretty informative.

When I arrived, I filled out paperwork to decide if I had any health risks that would prevent me from exercising. The staff was extremely nice and helpful.

The fitness testing was pretty much what I expected. Staff weighed and measured me. I was a bit perplexed when I had to take my right shoe off and lay down on a mat. It got a bit stranger when staff attached electrodes to my hand and foot. Actually the device ran a small amount of electric current through my body to measure lean muscle, bone and body fat.

I hopped on the treadmill did a walk test (if you are in better shape than I am you’d do a jog test). I stretched to measure my flexibility and squeezed to measure my strength.

Staff keyed my results into a computer, which then compared my results to other women my age. A staff member sat down with me and explained the results. I got recommendations for where to start on exercise and had plenty of chances to ask questions. I got much more motivated from talking with staff.

Although the results I received were not incredibly surprising, I learned I was in better shape than I thought I was, much to my relief.

I’d definitely schedule a fitness evaluation if you are at all interested.

Just call the Wellness Center at 0444-71-8186 to schedule an appointment.

Facebook Groups Relating to Vicenza, Italy

I keep running into new Facebook groups about clubs, organizations or just life in Vicenza or Caserma Ederle.

Not all of these groups are regularly updated, but I think they might be helpful to get an idea of some of the happenings around here.

Vicenza Thrift Shop – Stay up to date on sales and specials

USAG Vicenza, Italy – More official information on the garrison

Vicenza Military Spouses – Join this group to network and meet others  This group no longer is on Facebook as of 1/31/12.

Try this one instead: Army Wives Caserma Ederle

Vicenza PTSA – News about the schools Parent Teacher School Association

AFN Vicenza – AFN Radio & TV, great for up-to-date information on school closings and road conditions

Vicenza Community Club – General information

Vicenza Cub Scout Pack 295 – Events and news

PWOC Vicenza – Protestant Women of the Chapel, latest events and news

Vicenza Family MWR – Information on upcoming events

USO Vicenza – The USO here, not updated much

Vicenza Tourism (In Italian, use Google Translate) Learn about things going on around the Veneto Region

If I am missing some groups, please feel free to add them in the comment section. I know there are more than these.

Making Phone Calls, A Quick Reference

Using the phone in Vicenza, Italy

When I first arrived, I had no idea of how to make a phone call. Calling from cell phone to cell phone was the same, but nothing else made sense. I thought I would make a post to talk about the different ways to dial here in Vicenza.


If you are on post and calling another number on post, you can just dial the DSN number. The prefix 634 plus the last four digits. For example, if I am at the clinic and am dialing Vicenza Elementary School, I dial 634-7710.

Cell Phone or Home Phone to Caserma Ederle

If I am calling anyone on post from my cell phone or home telephone, I dial 0444-71 plus the last four digits. Unless I am calling the clinic, in which case I dial 0444-61 plus the last four digits. The last four digits mirror the last four digits of the DSN number. So to call VES from my (local) cell phone, I dial 0444-71-7710.

Another Country from Italian Cell Phone or Home Phone

To call any other country, make sure you use the proper country code. The only numbers I have used are for Germany or the United States. To dial a number in the United States, use the country code 011. An example would be 011-555-555-1212. To call Germany, I use the country code 049. If you are calling a different country, there is a handy tool to look-up country codes (with the time it is there) here.  If you have a Vonage or other VoIP phones with an American number, you will dial it like an international call.

Cell Phone to Cell Phone

As I mentioned before, dialing another cell phone is the same as it is anywhere. Just dial the ten digits, same as in the United States.  555-555-1212. Pretty simple, even for me!

Calling Italy from America

If someone wants to call you in Italy, they will need to dial 011-39-0444 plus six digit number. To use my previous example of Vicenza Elementary, the number would be dialed 011-39-0444-71-7710.

Hope this helps! Happy calling.