Check Out the “Living in Vicenza” Website

website review Living in Vicenza
A while back (like in 2012) I did a review about the Living in Vicenza website. I want to revisit it, because the site has grown and has a bunch more on it now than it did.

What is “Living in Vicenza” all about?

This website dedicates itself to providing information about Vicenza in English. They provide information on the area that no one else has in English. Yeah!!! I have VERY basic skills in Italian, but I have two kids and the caserma (post) is nearby.  I do not work near as hard as I’d like to on learning Italian. So, I am happy to be able to read about  what is going on in English.

Information Available on “Living in Vicenza”

Living in Vicenza has information on topics ranging from accommodations and events  to art and culture. There are listings for businesses such as bike shops, pet care, auto parts, dentists, and restaurants.

My favorite part of the website is that up-to-date information about local events. The home page has an agenda section with a calendar of what is happening in Vicenza on the same day. Want to know what is happening the next weekend? Just click on the “choose the day” option on the calendar to the left of the page.  You will get a list of what is going on nearby, so you can plan. Special tours and trips are available on a fairly regular basis, as well.

A map is almost always included on individual entries, so you can find your way to each event from Caserma Ederle. For me, this is helpful. Sometimes my GPS comes up with creative routes, so if I have an idea of where I am going I’m less likely to get lost!

My Final Thoughts

This website is worth taking the time to bookmark and “like” on Facebook.

I love that I can read what is going on in English, because it is easier than Google Translate. 🙂 They are trying very hard to offer a service to the English-speaking population. I for one wish to support that effort! Nothing like this existed when I arrived and I appreciate this website. Keep up the good work “Living in Vicenza.”