Some Inspiration from Italy

I’ve been here for a few years now. Daily life seems to take all my energy and I don’t notice all the amazing sights and beauty that surrounds us all in the Veneto Region of Italy. Soon, I will have visitors from the states. I am getting excited all over again about living in Italy. I get to show off what I know of the area and the chance to do some more exploring!

Tom, from The Palladian Traveler, stopped by and left a comment on my blog recently. So I cruised on over to his blog to see what was there. It was a great place for me to find the inspiration I have lacked! He has taken some beautiful photographs of different areas of Italy. Not only that, he has some great reviews of the local food and wines! It is a great blog to visit for anyone who lives in Italy or just wants to dream of living here.

Since I am in the area near Vicenza, I decided I had to share The Palladian Traveler’s video of Basilica Palladiana.Here it is!

If you want to see some seriously wonderful photographs of Italy, read a bit about Italian wine, or even learn how to make a spritz; go over and say “Hello!” to The Palladian Traveler!


4 Comments on “Some Inspiration from Italy”

  1. We are happy of having helped this join.

  2. Kelli C. says:

    The link did not work for me…

  3. Hey Peg, thanks very much for posting my video on your blog and encouraging your readership to tag along with me as I “meander along the cobblestone to somewhere.” Have a great time hosing your fam when they visit you soon.

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