A Video About Vicenza, Italy

A video blogger that has some great travel information has done a video about 5 Things You Will Hate and 5 Things You Will Love about Vicenza. This video is directed toward all the military personnel who will PCS to Vicenza, so I thought it fitting to share it here. At times it drags a bit, but it gives you one man’s opinion about what is good and not so good about living in Vicenza. If you get nothing else from it, you will get a glimpse of beautiful downtown Vicenza.

Here it is!

Wolter’s World has a number of good videos on different cities, countries and even languages. If you have questions about a certain place, Mark (the guy in the video) probably can help you out. Visit his website to see more or look him up on YouTube.


2 Comments on “A Video About Vicenza, Italy”

  1. Tom Weber says:

    Peggy — Nice to meet you and your blog. I’m a recent retired US Government employee — 43 years of service — and am now a bona fide resident of Vicenza, and I like to blog all about it. Feel free to peruse my site, and if you’d like to add to your blog role, share one of my posts with your followers, be my guest. Here’s the URL: http://thepalladiantraveler.com

    We should meet up sometime.


    • Peg Crippen says:

      Hi Tom! Nice to “meet” you! I’d love to share your blog with others. Always good to know a few more people in the area! Now I’m off to go check out your blog. Peggy