Places for Military Personnel to Rent a Car in Vicenza, Italy

file6751265831850So, you make it through the paperwork, the flight and have managed to settle into your cramped hotel room in Vicenza. There are so many things to get used to when you arrive, but if you are anything like I am all you can think about is getting some wheels so you can learn about your new city. Unless you shipped your car early, you probably have a few weeks without your POV. That leaves you with the options of using public transportation, walking or renting a car. There is nothing wrong with the first two, but most Americans are not used to living without a vehicle, so the third option is pretty attractive.

Get A SETAF Driver’s License First

First of all, you run to the lovely yellow in-processing building by the Ederle Inn and take a class for your driver’s license. Then take the test. If you are here because you are military, you need to have the SETAF Driver’s License before you drive a car on post. It doesn’t do a lot of good to have a car and then be forced to park it outside of post each time you have to be on post. Even worse if you are staying in the Ederle Inn for obvious reasons.

Car Rental Options

Read more about your car rental options here.

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  1. Razvan says:

    If you travel to Romania, Intercarro is definitely the best choice for renting a car. Unfortunately you can’t find Hertz and Avis, even if they are present in Italy and to be honest, these two companies have bigger prices than other local small ones.