Where to Buy A Car in Vicenza

mercedesOne of the hardest things about moving overseas is figuring out whether or not to ship your car. If you decide not to ship the car; then you need to decide how you will get from place to place. You can choose to take public transportation (i.e. the bus and trains) and walk a lot. Your other option is to buy a car once you arrive in Vicenza. Here are some thoughts about deciding where to buy a car in Vicenza.

New or Used Car?

Only you know your budget for purchasing a car. There are places you can buy  new vehicles. You can find some decent used cars for sale by people. There are also plenty of “hoopty” cars available. In case you have never heard the term “hoopty”, it is a less than impressive get around car. These cars often need repairs or are not meant to drive on your exploration trips around Europe.

New Car Dealers

There are several places to get a brand new car here in Vicenza. If you don’t plan on keeping your car when you go back to the states, you can go to any of the local car dealers. Most of these will not sell cars with U.S. specs. There are a couple of places that do sell new cars that are legal to drive in the U.S. Pentagon Car Sales sells both new and used cars and is fairly close to post. If you want a BMW, this is a good place to get it. The other place that is easiest to get to is AAFES Auto Sales. It is on post and you can browse the tiny lot of a variety of car makes. Or you can order a new car if you are in no hurry. Auto Exchange sells Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen. If you go in the main gate, you have to drive right past Auto Exchange to get there.

Used Cars

Finding a good used car can take a bit  more patience and a lot more searching. The three ways people typically find used cars are by cruising past the used car resale lot, word of mouth, or by looking online. If you are lucky, someone you meet will be wanting to sell a reliable car prior to PCS. That does not happen to often, but put the word out so that you are the first person that comes to mind when someone is selling a car. The car resale lot is tucked back in the middle of post. Sometimes there are a lot of good cars other times, none. It is worth a drive by, though. There are several online sites that you can find used cars. Vicenza Bookoo, Vicenza MWR Marketplace and the Facebook Yard sale groups  are the ones I can name quickly.

Hopefully this gives you a place to start in your search. Usually you can find cars that fit all budgets, but as always if you plan on buying the cheapest car you can find plan on making repairs! Happy Car Shopping!


4 Comments on “Where to Buy A Car in Vicenza”

  1. Mike says:

    For a reasonably priced and reliable used car, many turn to Roberto Della Massara at Via Quadri 83, 0444-507226, less than five minutes from post. His sons Giovanni and Davide handle used auto sales. They also rent autos for cheaper than the EurpoeCar place on post. They are a family business that prides themselves on providing reliable cars and their success is based largely on word of mouth referrals.

    • Peg Crippen says:

      Thanks for sharing that information, getting a car is almost always at the top of everyone’s list!

    • Mark says:

      Having lived in Vicenza on an off for 40 years I elected to buy my cars over the years at “ettore”. He has been in business helping soldiers and civilians get a 2nd car for over 40 years now. He has good prices, gives a guarantee and speaks English. Vito is his name and if you turn right out the chapel gate, go through the first traffic light about 200 yards, turn left before the ESSO gas station he is at the end of the street. Blue gate. 0444 300173