A Letter for Military Spouses Moving to Vicenza, Italy.

I was playing researching on Facebook the other day and came across a post from Laura. Laura is an incredibly helpful participant in several of the Vicenza groups. She always is willing to share what she knows with others in a positive way. She is a pro at visiting Venice and loves to share it with everyone.

She shared a link stating that this is what she would tell everyone over a cappuccino. Normally, I would not have clicked on an outside link, but I was just curious enough to do so. I was happy I did. Laura summarizes many of my thoughts about living in Vicenza, but she does so in a much more eloquent way!

Please click on the link to her blog: Scarred but Victorious and then read her letter!

***Link has been updated, Thanks for letting me know it was not working Amanda!***


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  1. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: http://wp.me/p1RjNH-BM

    (PS the link to Scarred but Victorious doesn’t work. It looks like you might just be missing the colon after http)