New English Website for the Vicenza Area

Many times I have looked at Italian websites for local events, I try and translate the contents. Although I can usually get the general idea, I can’t always understand the finer points of what is being said. I just discovered a great new website for the American and English speaking community in Vicenza, Italy. The website Living in Vicenza has great information and it is in English!

What is on the Living in Vicenza website?

The Living in Vicenza website is pretty easy to navigate. Events, businesses and attractions are sorted into tabs across the top in  categories such as “nightlife“, “art and culture” and “eat and drink“. You can search by category or you can click on a calendar date and see area events on that day. Local businesses advertise and run specials, which makes it easy to learn where to find the shops and services you need and want.

Click on a listing, the information pops up, along with a map to the event from Caserma Ederle. This is a great feature, because it provides a point of reference. It also gives the attraction hours and cost of admission.

The one negative that I have found on this site is that it is fairly new and is still in development. There is not as many listings or events as their could be. I do think Living in Vicenza is worth visiting. If we don’t support this site, it will disappear. It has great potential and if it continues to grow it will provide a lot of great information for the American community in Vicenza.


4 Comments on “New English Website for the Vicenza Area”

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  2. Doreen Burger says:

    I’ve been using the sight, but your negative comment is very accurate. Major international car race (1000 miglia) passing through Vicenza this weekend. City has been setting up for it the last two days and there is no mention of it.

    • Doreen Burger says:

      excuse the spelling,..I meant site

    • Peg Crippen says:

      I think they need to give some freebie advertising to events until they get a following built up. I am guessing they are selling ad space, so only paid advertisers are on it. I think if they had a bigger following from the English speaking community, they’d sell more ads. In my opinion, which is not necessarily correct, more hits and following on their site would lead to them selling more ads. Hope this site does develop into something bigger!