A Fun Place to Shop in Vicenza, Italy

I love to shop in the U.S. In Italy, not always so much.

My survival Italian is not great. If I have something really specific in mind, it is hard for me to get my point across.

I seem to manage to keep shopping though! : )

One of the places I really like to shop is not a clothing store or even a store in downtown Vicenza. My favorite place to shop is a store called Viridea in Torri Di Quartesolo.

From the outside, Viridea looks like a typical plant nursery. It has beautifully landscaped ground that you can wander when it is warm outside. There is much more to the store than this.

Inside the store you will find a great variety of things. Part pet store and part craft store with a dash of flower store thrown in, you can buy everything from live rabbits to lawn furniture to Christmas lights.

Viridea always has seasonal events. Santa is there at Christmas, along with a nativity scene. Easter is also a big event.

Viridea is not far from the Pyramidi Mall. Just take the round-about in front of the mall to the Camisano Vicentino exit and Viridea is off to the right side of the road on Via Paolo Borsellino.

Visit the website here.

Don’t miss this store once you get to Vicenza!


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  1. Hey, Peg. Long time no comment. (-: Every time I see your blog I long to travel to Italy. If I (or we) ever do I will make a point to look you up. Glad you’re still maintaining your blog. Ciao for now.