Autumn Weather in Vicenza, Italy

Somehow September and October have whizzed past and November is almost here.  I shouldn’t be amazed at how fast time flies, but I always am.

We are definitely into cooler weather here in Vicenza. It is not really cold, but it is definitely jacket weather!

Last year (2010), in November and December it rained and rained. It rained 10 inches in just a couple of days. (You can read about it in Stars and Stripes if you would like.) There was flooding. Many people did not go to work and schools closed for a few days. The tangeziale (a highway) and the autostrada (toll highway) closed as well. It was not an average year, so I hear from the locals. Here are some pictures taken by AFRICOM.

This year, we have not had as much rain so far. I’m glad of that. However, it did get me wondering about the typical autumn weather was in Vicenza.

So, I looked it up!

According to, the statistics are:

September: Average High 76 degrees F, Average Low 56 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3 inches

October: Average High 65 degrees F, Average Low 47 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3.4 inches

November: Average High 53 degrees F, Average Low 37 degrees F, Average Rainfall 4.7 inches

December: Average High 44 degrees F, Average Low 30 degrees F, Average Rainfall 3.1 inches

Be ready for cool weather, but if you are used to the northern United States, it won’t feel all that cold. It is damp and gloomy at times. Make sure you have an umbrella, for sure.

If you don’t have a good waterproof jacket and rain boots, now would be a good time to buy them. I ended up buying rain boots from Target online, because the ones here are more expensive! Wading through flooded or wet parking lots is hard on leather shoes!


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  1. It’s in the 50s here and I’m already in a sweater. Got spoiled by FL weather.