Wine Down Wednesdays with Vicenza Outdoor Rec

Italian wine barrelsIf you have been around the military for long, you know about ODR, Outdoor Recreation. ODR in Vicenza has the enviable task of deciding which spectacular tourist destination to visit for group tours. These tours are really fantastic and for those people who are hesitant to go out on their own, I would recommend trying one just to see travel in Europe is not all that scary.

In the case of full disclosure, I don’t go on many ODR trips, because with a family they can prove rather expensive. I also have a rambunctious preschooler who tends not to do well on bus trips. I hate to be **that** mother who gets all the glares of every person on the bus. Yes, my son is probably that loud and active.

When I do have the opportunity to go on a trip with a group of adults, I grab it. Wine Down Wednesday is just such a chance. Once a month on a Wednesday, ODR sponsors a wine-tasting trip. The bus leaves around 8 AM and is home before 2:45 PM when the kiddos get out of school. It is a great chance to see the countryside, visit with other adults and – oh yes – taste wine.

So, once a month I pack the boy off to child care and spend some quality time forgetting to act like a parent.

I love tasting the wine, but the process of touring the vineyard is pretty cool, too.  Usually the vineyard the group visits provides some background and information on the complete wine-making process, as well as a history of the area. Each region around the area has a bit different type of wine, so as you visit the different regions you learn about the different types of wine.

You can bring home bottles with you to enjoy later or just taste the wine and go.  To learn more about the “Wine Down Wednesday” trips, contact Vicenza ODR.