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After a year of living in Italy, the pasta and vino is getting the best of me. I eat too much and don’t exercise enough. So, I have gained some weight. I’m not happy about it, but one of the perks of  being here is the  post fitness center.

Along with the exercise facilities, pool and classes, the fitness center has added services. The Wellness Center offers fitness and metabolic testing, as well as help in reaching fitness and health goals.

I am out of shape and haven’t exercised regularly in a while, so I decided to see what the fitness evaluation would tell me. I called for an appointment a couple of weeks out.

I considered canceling, because I was a bit nervous going in to a building with a staff full of thin and athletic people. Instead, I pulled on my exercise clothes and tied my shoes and went.

The fitness evaluation was easy and pretty informative.

When I arrived, I filled out paperwork to decide if I had any health risks that would prevent me from exercising. The staff was extremely nice and helpful.

The fitness testing was pretty much what I expected. Staff weighed and measured me. I was a bit perplexed when I had to take my right shoe off and lay down on a mat. It got a bit stranger when staff attached electrodes to my hand and foot. Actually the device ran a small amount of electric current through my body to measure lean muscle, bone and body fat.

I hopped on the treadmill did a walk test (if you are in better shape than I am you’d do a jog test). I stretched to measure my flexibility and squeezed to measure my strength.

Staff keyed my results into a computer, which then compared my results to other women my age. A staff member sat down with me and explained the results. I got recommendations for where to start on exercise and had plenty of chances to ask questions. I got much more motivated from talking with staff.

Although the results I received were not incredibly surprising, I learned I was in better shape than I thought I was, much to my relief.

I’d definitely schedule a fitness evaluation if you are at all interested.

Just call the Wellness Center at 0444-71-8186 to schedule an appointment.


One Comment on “Get in Shape With the Vicenza Wellness Center”

  1. WOW! Good on ya, Peggy, for getting there! =) I have to admit that working from home has made me a huge couch potato too (or more like a bed potato because I don’t have a couch =P). Here, there’s not much pasta or vino… more like rice and potatoes (carbs and carbs!) =P You inspire me with how you picked yourself up to make a change in your life and great to hear that you’re fitter than you thought! =) Now, to get myself off the bed. =P