Facebook Groups Relating to Vicenza, Italy

I keep running into new Facebook groups about clubs, organizations or just life in Vicenza or Caserma Ederle.

Not all of these groups are regularly updated, but I think they might be helpful to get an idea of some of the happenings around here.

Vicenza Thrift Shop – Stay up to date on sales and specials

USAG Vicenza, Italy – More official information on the garrison

Vicenza Military Spouses – Join this group to network and meet others  This group no longer is on Facebook as of 1/31/12.

Try this one instead: Army Wives Caserma Ederle

Vicenza PTSA – News about the schools Parent Teacher School Association

AFN Vicenza – AFN Radio & TV, great for up-to-date information on school closings and road conditions

Vicenza Community Club – General information

Vicenza Cub Scout Pack 295 – Events and news

PWOC Vicenza – Protestant Women of the Chapel, latest events and news

Vicenza Family MWR – Information on upcoming events

USO Vicenza – The USO here, not updated much

Vicenza Tourism (In Italian, use Google Translate) Learn about things going on around the Veneto Region

If I am missing some groups, please feel free to add them in the comment section. I know there are more than these.


5 Comments on “Facebook Groups Relating to Vicenza, Italy”

  1. mom2tictacs says:

    I recently joined the group ”army wives caserma ederle” and it’s really really helpful. Everything from ”Hey I live in xxxx and want to go walking tonight, anyone want to join” to answering questions about orders, PCSing, flights, pets, housing, etc. They also post about childcare, pet sitting…again, really helpful.

    I wanted to ask you, since ya’ll are civilians as well…do you/did you have trouble fitting in or making friends? I’m nervous because I didn’t grow up military, my husband is also DoD and while reading other blogs and FB groups are extremely helpful, I don’t really fit in with the other wives. My husband is a former reservist but while overseas we won’t worry about deployments, I don’t know all the acronyms, etc. I don’t attend the ball, I don’t have to get command sponsorship…it’s just overwhelming. Are there many civilian families?

    • Peg Crippen says:

      I don’t think you will have any problem fitting in as civilians. Many times, I don’t really know if somebody’s spouse is military or civilian. There are a good number of civilian Americans here, so you definitely should not feel out of place. You should have access to all the resources that military families have access to here in Italy. You will have a military ID and be able to use the PX, Commissary, child care and fitness center.You will eventually learn all the acronyms and slang. If you don’t, no one will care.

      I think people are very open here and pretty inclusive. Because you have children, you will likely meet lots of other parents through their activities! There is a group called Vicenza Mom’s club that I hear has great activities and a playgroup on post once a week. All of these are places you will get to know others in your situation.

      It is overwhelming, but take one step at a time and you will get through it! Good Luck!

    • fabiola says:

      There is a new group for Vicenza “Vicenza friends” is open to military, retired, civilian and more here is the link it starts this year https://www.facebook.com/groups/354997457876624/

      “This group was created with intention of bringing our Vicenza-based American community together. Members are welcome to ask and answer any questions, look for advice, announce events, share experiences and offer support to one another. Please try to be positive, don’t leave any comments that can be harmful to anyone or anyone’s reputation. All posts and comments that do not comply with these rules will be removed. Thank you!”

  2. […] Army offers, like Benveunti or Italian as a Second Language. Hook up with some people you meet on Facebook Groups. Talk to your neighbors at the hotel. Just don’t suffer alone. We have all been there and […]

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