Making Phone Calls, A Quick Reference

Using the phone in Vicenza, Italy

When I first arrived, I had no idea of how to make a phone call. Calling from cell phone to cell phone was the same, but nothing else made sense. I thought I would make a post to talk about the different ways to dial here in Vicenza.


If you are on post and calling another number on post, you can just dial the DSN number. The prefix 634 plus the last four digits. For example, if I am at the clinic and am dialing Vicenza Elementary School, I dial 634-7710.

Cell Phone or Home Phone to Caserma Ederle

If I am calling anyone on post from my cell phone or home telephone, I dial 0444-71 plus the last four digits. Unless I am calling the clinic, in which case I dial 0444-61 plus the last four digits. The last four digits mirror the last four digits of the DSN number. So to call VES from my (local) cell phone, I dial 0444-71-7710.

Another Country from Italian Cell Phone or Home Phone

To call any other country, make sure you use the proper country code. The only numbers I have used are for Germany or the United States. To dial a number in the United States, use the country code 011. An example would be 011-555-555-1212. To call Germany, I use the country code 049. If you are calling a different country, there is a handy tool to look-up country codes (with the time it is there) here.  If you have a Vonage or other VoIP phones with an American number, you will dial it like an international call.

Cell Phone to Cell Phone

As I mentioned before, dialing another cell phone is the same as it is anywhere. Just dial the ten digits, same as in the United States.  555-555-1212. Pretty simple, even for me!

Calling Italy from America

If someone wants to call you in Italy, they will need to dial 011-39-0444 plus six digit number. To use my previous example of Vicenza Elementary, the number would be dialed 011-39-0444-71-7710.

Hope this helps! Happy calling.


7 Comments on “Making Phone Calls, A Quick Reference”

  1. Stefano Rodighiero says:

    Truth be told, from italy to USA the correct country code / way to dial is “001” and not “011”, for example “001-212-xxxx…”, as well for Germany is “0049” and not “049”. Note as well the in most cases you will remove the “0” (zero) between country-code and local number, exception for landlines in Italy!!!! Be aware that, for example, if you had a nr in Vicenza like 0444-556655, from outside Italy is 0039-0444-556655. This exception, however, is not applied to mobiles, where the “0” is omitted after the “0039”. (Source: An Italian from Vicenza working on Telecoms 🙂 )

  2. Jennifer S. says:

    Your blogs are so helpful. Thank you! We are pcs’ing to Ghedi AB in two months and your blogs have answered so many of my questions! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thank you for your blog. My daughter recently moved to Italy and was trying to make a phone call to the clinic. I Googled it and your post came up. I have shared your blog address with her and I know this will make her life so much easier!

  4. Lisa says:

    wow definetely need to bookmark this one for when we get there in july! Magicjack for back home but anything else… thanks for the insite!

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