Italian Immersion at Vicenza Elementary School

Vicenza Elementary School

Learning Italian is challenging for me. I have complained about that fact in previous posts, though. Kids learn foreign languages faster than adults. Vicenza Elementary School has a great program that families with elementary-aged kiddos will want to know about. Italian language immersion classrooms are available to students in first through fourth grade.

I enrolled my son in one of the immersion classrooms. Our family has a great experience with this program. My son, while not fluent, has picked up a good deal of Italian. He explains things about Italian culture that no one else in the family knows. Throughout the year, the children have done performances in Italian (and English, too!) The kids had an exchange day with an Italian school and have explored Italian castles on field trips. My son’s teacher is awesome, as well. I definitely would explore this option if you have children in the first through fourth grade.

Grades 1 to 4 each have a one language immersion classroom. In these classrooms, the teachers are fluent in Italian and speak Italian and English throughout the day.  This program is for children that have not been exposed to a foreign language at home or elsewhere. Children must apply for the Italian Immersion Classroom and then school counselors select students using a variety of criteria. Make your request as early as possible, because the classes will only hold so many students.

To learn more about the Italian Immersion Classroom, the Vicenza Elementary School Handbook has information on the program. You can contact the school at DSN 634-7710 or from the United States at 011-39-0444-71-7710.


2 Comments on “Italian Immersion at Vicenza Elementary School”

  1. Patricia Kathleen Morris Green says:

    I would like to know if there is year books for 1973- 1976 from base elementary school. My dad was stationed in Vicenza during the above years. I Kathy Morris attended elementary 3rd through 5th grades.

  2. V. says:

    Thank you! Our daughter is in 4th grade this year & we hadn’t heard about this program. We are happy with her current classroom placement & won’t ask to switch her without knowing the teacher, but we would have considered this! I really wish all the classrooms were Italian immersion!

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