Gypsy Symbols Related to Crime

I hesitated to post this information, because I don’t want to freak anyone out.  In our neighborhood, I have always felt safe. There are many older people living near me who are nearly always out working in their yards. This probably keeps those who might be inclined to steal to keep their distance.

Crimes against people are not common. Robberies on the other hand are not at all uncommon. One female friend was robbed when she was at home alone.  She was not terribly injured, but was extremely shaken. In the robbery, she lost a good deal of cash and property. The biggest thing she lost was her sense of safety and a good deal of sleep.

This post just serves as a warning to raise awareness.

Because in Europe, crime is often associated with Gypsies, I was given this list of Gypsy Symbols used to mark houses for theft. Criminals might use spray paint to mark houses, but are just as likely to use charcoal or mud. If you see any of these markings, make sure you call the M.P.s and they will notify local authorities.

Though the quality is not great, here is the list.

I am guessing most people will never need this, but now you know what the symbols mean and why you need to tell police if you see an odd symbol on your fence or wall.


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  2. Sel says:

    Interesting points as to Gypsies as you will come across many from being outside the malls begging for money to riding their bicycles. We were told by some locals to always make sure you lock your car, not to leave anything in your car like coupons, cells or anything else as once they see you are American they follow you see what car you have, see where you live and will break into a car, steal and siphon gas. Extreme cases have also been noted to breaking into homes and stealing possessions. Please watch where you drive and check occasionally to see if you are being followed was the best advice offered.

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