Places Near Vicenza that Inspire Me

**Today is a Blogathon 2011 Theme Day, I changed the theme to Places that Inspire Me from Favorite Places to Write, because it fits much more with this blog!**

Northern Italy has so many things to see and experience.  It is hard not to be inspired here.

Downtown Vicenza always fascinates me. It is one of those places that I still say, “Wow, I live in Italy.” each time I visit. Wandering the narrow streets and colorful shops allow me to be part of Italy instead of being an American observer.

Vicenza, Italy Downtown

La Rotonda is a villa in Vicenza designed by the famous architect Palladio. If you are familiar with Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s plantation; then you have seen Palladian design. I took this photo on the fly, while my husband drove. It is beautiful at sunset!

La Rotonda

Walled cities are plentiful in northern Italy. Call me silly, but I always have visions of knights, princesses and ladies-in-waiting when I visit.

Este, Italy

What inspires you?


Let me know what you think!

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