Shopping Malls Near Caserma Ederle

Mall shoppers, this post is for  you.

Most shopping is located in smaller shops throughout the community. If you prefer shopping at the mall, never fear.

There are two malls not far from Caserma Ederle: the Palladio and the Piramidi.

The Palladio Mall is home to Emisfero, which is an Italian equivalent to Wal-Mart. Other stores in this mall is Scarpe & Scarpe, a shoe store and Media World, an electronics store. For those who miss American fast-food, Palladio recently added a McDonald’s.

Palladio is located on Strada Padana, not far from Villagio, the American housing area.

The second and larger mall, the Piramidi, is located in Torri Di Quartesolo. The Piramidi is actually, as the name suggests, shaped like a large pyramid. The structure is pretty noticeable because of the shape. This mall has more of a food court and a variety of  shops. Nearby there are other stores in what I would call strip malls.

Stars and Stripes Newspaper has an older review of the malls here.

Enjoy your shopping!


2 Comments on “Shopping Malls Near Caserma Ederle”

  1. Amanda Libby says:

    Is there a website for the store right on the corner between prenatal an BK, I think its called Masons?

  2. […] are also McDonald’s Restaurants at the Pyramidi Mall and at the Palladio […]

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