Religious Services at Caserma Ederle

As with most Army Posts, Caserma Ederle Chapel offers two basic church services. Protestant and Catholic.

Catholics in Italy can attend church in any community. Roman Catholic Churches are everywhere. Though conducted in Italian, the service is essentially the same as in the United States. The Caserma Ederle offers religious education from September through May each year.

The main Protestant service at Caserma Ederle is a mainstream service. However, contemporary praise services happen during the week. The chapel offers a full gospel Pentecostal service, as well. Awanas and Club Beyond are two of the activities offered for youth.

Members of other faiths can contact the chapel for information on Latter Day Saints, Jewish and Islamic services.

In the community, there are protestant churches independent of Caserma Ederle. Vicenza Baptist Church and Bethel Baptist Church are two of these churches.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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