VCC Thrift Store on Caserma Ederle

My husband moved to Italy a month before me. He found us a house and got some temporary furniture loaned from base.

Then I arrived with our children to a empty house. Our household goods were weeks away from arriving. Even the unaccompanied baggage was not coming anytime soon.

I knew we’d have to buy stuff and soon.

Thank goodness for the thrift store on post!

I was able to buy some nearly new pans and utensils for the kitchen. For the kids, I bought a few toys to keep them busy. We even found a chair for our computer desk, even though it wasn’t here yet.

The thrift store is not open all the time, but has recently expanded hours open. This is amazing, because no one gets paid to run the store. Three days a week, volunteers staff the store. Volunteers sort through immense stacks of boxes of donations. Volunteers stock shelves. Volunteers run the cash register.

The thrift store is a labor of love. Sometimes it is unorganized and chaotic, but realize that it is a great deal of work to run a retail establishment. Especially when people dump piles of donations on the door each week.

The VCC Thrift Store is located across the parking lot from the PX next to the banks. At the present time, it is open from 10 AM to 4 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Support the post thrift store and find some bargains in the process!


Let me know what you think!

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