Five Places to Visit on Mother’s Day in Northern Italy

Happy Mother’s Day! How fast time flies!  It is May already. Here in Northern Italy, spring is well under way. Why not take mom for a nice drive to see some of the beautiful Italian scenery? Within an hours drive of Vicenza, there are many beautiful places to visit. Looking somewhere to spend a day? Try these towns!

  • Venice.  Take mom for a ride on the Vaporetto (water taxi), a gondola or just stroll through St. Mark’s Square. A stroll in Venice is a guaranteed adventure and includes a good possibility of getting lost on the winding sidewalks and canals!

  • Verona. See a Roman Colliseum. Visit Juliette’s House and see the famous balcony! What mom wouldn’t enjoy that?
  • Marostica. Park near the downtown where the human chess game takes place every other fall, then hike up the hill. Then take in a late lunch at Il Castello di Superiore Marostica.
  • Padova. See the oldest university in Europe and the first medical school. If that is not enough, stop to do some shopping at the Ikea!
  • Camisano Vincentino. Spend the morning shopping for some great bargains at the weekly market. Then grab a bite to eat at Ada Ristorante!


6 Comments on “Five Places to Visit on Mother’s Day in Northern Italy”

  1. Alison Law says:

    I am thrilled to find your blog courtesy of the WordCount blogathon. My husband and I are dying to visit Italy, but don’t have a lot of time or money. We’re thinking about hitting some of the Northern Italy highlights for a first trip of a week to 7 days. Reading this blog post was a great resource. Thanks.

    • Peg Crippen says:

      Living here is great, because we can do day trips! Visiting Europe can be expensive, especially with the Euro being so strong and the dollar being weak. There are a million little towns and hidden gems here. Hope you get here and enjoy!

  2. Kaarin Engelmann says:

    There’s also the bridge at Bassano del Grappa, which is near Marostica–perhaps a picnic on the riverbank. I think the ceramics museum in Nove is also open on Sundays.

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