Osama Bin Laden Dead

Although the title of this post may not seem to fit this blog, I am talking about it anyway. What I talk about here is military-related, so I am taking the opportunity to share my thoughts on this.

My husband retired from the Army and now works as a D.O.D. Civilian. He has been to Kuwait twice and Iraq twice. He was deployed when my second son was born. Our family understands what it means to live with a husband and father who goes to war.

I did not expect to feel anything when the United states captured Osama Bin Laden or killed him. I really did not think much about it. He was only part of the big picture to me until today. I guess I was wrong.

I was happy to hear that our troops got him. I felt relief that he was dead, because it will save the U.S. from having the drama of deciding what we would have to do with him. As I watch the CNN coverage, it is clear by the crowds at the White House that many others feel the same.

The fact remains that so many families have sacrificed so much on the quest for this moment.

Families survive separations for months and years, some families have split up because of it. Children lost fathers and mothers. Parents lost children.

Soldiers witness and experience horrific events that they will carry with them forever.

America lost their sense of security forever.

Forgive me if I forgo the flag waiving and celebrating. I can’t share the joyous reaction of the crowd in front of the white house.

Is the death of Osama going to end the war? Will his death replace all that military families and our nation have lost? Can it restore the lost sense of security?

The answer is no, but at least we have some closure.


Let me know what you think!

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