About Italy in August

A year ago in July, I arrived in Italy. Luckily, my husband came ahead of me and had a house for us. The last half of July is a blur to me. Between paperwork, jet lag and beginning the process of settling my family; I don’t remember much.

In August, I finally felt like I could start exploring our community a bit.

Guess what…

Many of the stores were closed and sported a sign “Cuiso Per Ferie.” This translates, “Closed for Vacation.”

Most Italians take vacations during the month of August. If a business is family owned and operated, it just closes down during the month. Some businesses close for a month, some for a week or two.

The other part of Italian “vacation month” is that tourist attractions become extremely busy. Popular destinations, such as Venice or Florence, are packed even more than the normal tourist crowds.

Make your plans accordingly!

The upside of August and September is that almost every small community has a festival of some sort or another. More to come on that…


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