Vicenza Army Health Center

No one wants to get sick. When you do get sick, it makes things easier if you know where to go and what to expect.

The Vicenza Army Health Center is hard to miss. The brand new building houses the newest technology and facilities. The health center also has a mother and child unit, so expecting mothers are able to have their babies on post instead of at the local hospital.

The number has changed, so if you are dialing from off-post, you can reach them by calling 0444-61-9000.

If you need inpatient hospitalization for anything besides giving birth, you will end up going to the local hospital, San Bortolo. If you have an emergency and have to use the S. Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, there is a patient liaison who is bilingual and will interpret for you. If you phone 0444-75-3300, the liaison can meet you at the emergency room. Once a month, the hospital conducts a tour so military service  members  and their dependents can familiarize themselves with the hospital.

Calling on the phone for an appointment can be a lesson in patience. Using Tricare Online is a great alternative! You can get a login at the Tricare Online website.

Stay healthy!


3 Comments on “Vicenza Army Health Center”

  1. Kaarin Engelmann says:

    So I assume they write them into Italian formulations that you can fill at pharmacies here?

  2. Kaarin Engelmann says:

    Can you fill US prescriptions on base?

    • Peg Crippen says:

      You can not technically refill U.S. prescriptions, but you can make an appointment with the clinic. They will look at your script and then rewrite the prescription so you can get your meds. It is a bit inconvenient, but it might be faster than relying on mail order from the states!