Common Pizza Toppings in Italy

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Since pizza is so common in Italy, it helps to be able to name the toppings. Pizza toppings are more varied than the pepperoni and beef toppings common in the U.S.  Italians add things to pizza like eggs (uova), hot dogs (wurstel) and french fries (patate fritte).  It seems strange, but have an open mind when trying the pizza. Some of what I thought I would hate, I didn’t mind. Some toppings, I just haven’t talked myself into tasting, though.

Common Meats:

  • Salamino- Pepperoni
  • Prosciutto Cotto- Cooked Ham
  • Prosciutto Crudo- Raw Ham
  • Salsiccia- Sausage
  • Sfilacci di Cavallo- Shredded Horse Meat
  • Speck – Cured Bacon-like Pork
  • Pancetta- Cured Pork
  • Porchetta – Pork
  • Wurstel – Hot-dog-like sausage


  • Pomodoro, Pomodorini – Tomato
  • Piselli – Peas
  • Patate – Potato
  • Funghi – Mushrooms
  • Porcini – Porcini Mushrooms
  • Olive Nero – Black Olive
  • Rucola – Green vegetable like lettuce
  • Carciofi – Artichoke
  • Melanzane- Eggplant
  • Pepperoni – Green Peppers
  • Peperoncino – Hot Peppers
  • Vedure Miste – Mixed Vegetables

Cheeses/Dairy Products:

  • Mozzarella – You know this one!
  • Gorgonzola- Aged blue-cheese like
  • Marscapone- Italian triple-creamed cheese
  • Grana- Hard aged white cheese
  • Asiago- White cheese,  fresh or aged
  • Stracchino- Soft Creamy Cheese
  • Bufala-Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Scamorza- Semi-soft White Cheese
  • Panna – Cream

There are many more toppings, but these are the ones I have learned to recognize. Want to know more about Pizza? Check out the History of Pizza at Life in Italy!

What are your favorite Pizza toppings here in Italy?


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  1. Peggy — One of the joys of living in Italy is going out to a pizzeria for an authentic wood-fired pie. But if you can’t go out, there is an alternative: homemade flatbread pizzas. All the ingredients are readily available at the corner grocery store, all you need to do is add is a little bit of creativity and invent your own version. The Palladian Traveler demonstrates how in the following three posts:, and You’re welcome to re-post on PCS Italy.