Italian Language Classes at Caserma Ederle

Understanding and speaking the language makes life easier while living in Italy.

My skills in Italian need practice.  While I can do basic shopping and order at restaurants; talking with my landlord is a problem. So, I do plan on taking another class in Italian. If you want to take classes, there are several options for learning Italian.

  • Rosetta Stone at home. If you have access to Army Knowledge Online (AKO), you might be able to use the Italian module. Usually only the active-duty service member has access to the language learning section of AKO, but maybe your spouse will log you on so you can practice! Otherwise, you drop a few hundred bucks on the software. I found it helpful, but was too cheap to spend the money to use it all the time.
  • Audio programs available for free through the library. You can check out CD’s from the library and work on your Italian skills.  Army Europe Libraries have free online downloads you can check out. The library limits the time downloads are available, but some you can burn to a CD. My local library in the states had several options like this, so if you are still in the U.S. this is an affordable option.
  • Army Community Services offers a free Italian class for spouses and family members. The class starts once a quarter and only a specific number of students participants. Daniela Morandi teaches these classes. I took this class and enjoyed it. The focus was not strictly on learning Italian, we learned a bunch about the local area and Italian culture. I did learn a bit of  Italian, but I did not spend enough time practicing to get as much from the course as I could have. Contact ACS to sign up.
  • The USO offers Italian classes. These classes are not free, but a friend shared that these classes are a bit more intense than the free classes. The USO offers evening and lunch time options, as well as introductory and intermediate levels. As of spring 2011, these classes cost $140 including text. Angelo Sibilla teaches this course.
  • University of Maryland University College Europe (UMUC) offers Italian I, II and III. UMUC offers an Italian life and culture class, as well. College tuition is $226 per credit hour, according to their website. Visit the education center to enroll.

Buona fortuna per i tuoi studi italiani!


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