Benvenuti Program

Photo by Peggy Crippen

Palladian Villa

Army Community Services at Caserma Ederle offer some great free classes. One free program you won’t want to miss is the Benvenuti or “Welcome to Italy” class.

The Benvenuti class happens monthly, usually the third week of the month. For four days, newcomers get a crash course about Italy. Included is a bit about the language, customs, shopping and local attractions. You will get a chance to ride the train and the bus, as well as experience an authentic Italian meal.

Day One – Orientation and Overview

Day Two – Train to Venice or Verona

Day Three – Bus to downtown Vicenza, market and attractions

Day Four – Drive to local area attractions, ceramics and “Chicken Man” furniture.

Call Vicenza ACS to schedule. Benvenuti is fun and I enjoyed seeing everything when I was new in the area. Admittedly, the class dynamics differ from month to month. Everyone in my class got along well. I have heard from others that their experience was not as great as mine.  Attitude is everything, from what I can tell!


2 Comments on “Benvenuti Program”

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  2. Kaarin Engelmann says:

    Oh, that’s a good entry. You’ve made me want to take the class!

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