Italian Housing

Homes are beautiful in Italy!

Photo by Gary Crippen

I love my house here, but it is definitely not the same as my home in the U.S.

Be ready for some big differences.

  • There are no closets in Italian homes.  You either get to use some ugly wardrobes issued by the Army or buy wardrobes. If you are really lucky, the landlord will leave furniture in the bedroom and include the wardrobes. The plus side to this is that the rooms seem bigger and it is easier to arrange the furniture.
  • Italian homes have septic systems. Occasionally some, uh…, interesting fragrances will float up the pipes in your bathroom. Run water down fixtures you don’t use regularly to prevent this.
  • Staying with the bathroom theme, I have to mention the bidet. Most homes have a bidet in the bathroom. We don’t use ours. After we sanitized it, we use it to store bath toys.  If you actually want to use the bidet, read this.
  • Do not plan on using electrical appliances the way you do in the United States.  Generally, I have to choose which major appliance I want to run. I can not run the dryer and the oven. Sometimes the iron causes a breaker to shut down. It is inconvenient.
  • Washing machines and dryers are not the same in Europe. The washers clean clothes well, but it takes over an hour to run a load. The dryers are even slower, so I have heard. We opted for the European washer and an American dryer. However, the American dryer caused the breaker issue mentioned in the last item.

As you begin your search for housing, keep these factors in mind. Newer homes may have less character, but likely have better wiring and plumbing. If a beautiful villa is what you want, then be ready to live with some electrical and plumbing differences.


3 Comments on “Italian Housing”

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  2. Lidija Calhoun says:

    Hello there,
    my name is Lidija Calhoun, we are moving to Italy next year!!! We would like to move to the surroundings of Vinzenca. Your House is beautiful, could you let me know in what area you are living right now!!! It doesnt have to be too big,….but i really prefer a fenced in back yard!! Is that possible in that housing area you live at??? I would really appreciate it if you could get me some tips on where i should look for houses!!!

    Thank you

    Lidija Calhoun

    • Peg Crippen says:

      The picture of the house was one I looked at, but it is not mine. I wish it were. It was actually out south past Longare. We did not get it because it was not on a school bus route for our kids. We ended up getting a much less impressive house near Camisano. Every area has beautiful homes and villas, you just have to keep looking. If you stay in Vicenza, you will likely not find a house or villa, but will live in a town house or apartment. I like the outlying areas much more and there are so many of them. If you look to the north west of Vicenza there are beautiful towns in the foothills of the mountains, where I would love to live. For me it is hard to single one community out, because housing is hit or miss. I would hate to have your heart set on a specific town and then have no housing available. I will try and do a post on the different towns around the area to share what I know about them, though. Good Luck.

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