My Personal Update

I’ve been plodding along with PCS Italy for four years now. I wanted to make sure others who are moving to Vicenza have more information than I had when I got here. I hope all the information is helpful to you.

I found out it is our family’s time to leave Italy and return to the states. So, I am preparing my family to move.

I won’t be doing more than one or two more updates on this blog, but will leave it up so hopefully others find it helpful. I’m closing the comments in some sections, because I don’t know if I will have time to keep answering or if I will have the correct information to give out.

It is sad for me to leave, because living in Italy has been the adventure of a lifetime. The travel opportunities are amazing and living in a different culture has changed how I look at the world. At the same time, I do know that I will be happy to be able to shop in the afternoons, pop in to a convenience store at 10PM and not carry a language dictionary around!

I appreciate that you took the time to read what I write and hope it helped you at least a little!

Ciao for now!

Check Out the “Living in Vicenza” Website

website review Living in Vicenza
A while back (like in 2012) I did a review about the Living in Vicenza website. I want to revisit it, because the site has grown and has a bunch more on it now than it did.

What is “Living in Vicenza” all about?

This website dedicates itself to providing information about Vicenza in English. They provide information on the area that no one else has in English. Yeah!!! I have VERY basic skills in Italian, but I have two kids and the caserma (post) is nearby.  I do not work near as hard as I’d like to on learning Italian. So, I am happy to be able to read about  what is going on in English.

Information Available on “Living in Vicenza”

Living in Vicenza has information on topics ranging from accommodations and events  to art and culture. There are listings for businesses such as bike shops, pet care, auto parts, dentists, and restaurants.

My favorite part of the website is that up-to-date information about local events. The home page has an agenda section with a calendar of what is happening in Vicenza on the same day. Want to know what is happening the next weekend? Just click on the “choose the day” option on the calendar to the left of the page.  You will get a list of what is going on nearby, so you can plan. Special tours and trips are available on a fairly regular basis, as well.

A map is almost always included on individual entries, so you can find your way to each event from Caserma Ederle. For me, this is helpful. Sometimes my GPS comes up with creative routes, so if I have an idea of where I am going I’m less likely to get lost!

My Final Thoughts

This website is worth taking the time to bookmark and “like” on Facebook.

I love that I can read what is going on in English, because it is easier than Google Translate. 🙂 They are trying very hard to offer a service to the English-speaking population. I for one wish to support that effort! Nothing like this existed when I arrived and I appreciate this website. Keep up the good work “Living in Vicenza.”


The NEW Housing Website for Vicenza Military Housing

Renting Housing

Photo by Billy Frank Alexander

In the past, the military used a website called AHRN to allow people  to look for private rental housing around Vicenza. This website is no more. Now, there is a new site that will give you much the same information.

The new website, creatively named “Off Post Housing” or OPH,  is pretty functional and I actually like it better than AHRN. First off, there is no registration involved. You can just navigate to the website and house hunt.

There are many search features that can narrow down your housing. Search by the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, if you like.  You can additionally search by location or type of house. So, if you want a 3-bedroom apartment in downtown Vicenza, you can take a look at all the possibilities available at the moment. If you know what your housing allowance will be, you can even look at rentals by price.

For those of you who haven’t arrived in Italy yet, use the website to learn about the types of homes that are available. Don’t fall in love with a specific home, because there is a good chance it might not be available when you arrive. Knowing what the housing situation is here in Vicenza will help you make decisions about what to pack and what to store. It helps prepare you for the quirks and costs of life in Italy.

If you want to know post housing policies, you can take a look at the official housing policy memo here. In some situations, you will have few options in selecting your housing, but in other situations you have more choices. This memo spells it all out.

This website is a great tool whether you are still in the planning stage of your move or you are sitting in a hotel room waiting to find that perfect home. Good luck on your move!

My New Project

I’m still around, just posting less often here.

I have become a bit of a blog-a-holic and have several blogs, so I seem to neglect them all at times.

I’d love it if you could jog on over and check out my very new blog baby, Vicenza Military Family.

It does not have as much content as this blog, but I will be migrating some posts to the new blog and adding a wider range of content.

I’d appreciate it if you’d head on over and visit. Let me know what you think!

How to Use Google Maps to Figure Out Bus Schedules

Once you get to Vicenza and spend a couple of days getting adjusted and in-processed; you will probably start to feel a bit claustrophobic living in a small hotel room. Many of you will still be waiting for your car to catch up with you. One option is to use the Vicenza public transportation system.

Riding the bus is sometimes overwhelming for those of us who are not accustomed to using public transportation. I finally figured out that I could use Google Maps to figure out which bus to take to get to a particular destination. Here is a short tutorial on using Google Maps to figure out the bus schedule.

Step 1. Go to Google Maps.


Step 2. Put in your address.


You can use either the search bar or the bar indicated on the left side to enter your address.

Step 3. Click on “Get Directions”.

Google mapdirections

This step is pretty obvious! 🙂 The second box appears when you click on the “Get directions” button.

Step 4. Click on the “Bus” button.


If you don’t click on the bus icon, you will get driving directions.

Step 5. Enter your destination address.


The second line is where you put the place you want to go. If you don’t know the address, you can sometimes just put the name and google maps finds the address for you! This works for many museums and historical locations, sometimes for restaurants and shops.

Step 6. Enter the time you want to leave.


If you want to find the times the bus will arrive at a particular place just click on the down arrow in the box on the far right. It will show you the times the bus leaves. If you don’t tell the computer the time you want to leave, it will tell you the next time the bus leaves. If you are getting the schedule for another day, just put the date in the middle box. Sometimes bus schedules change for weekends and holidays, so this could be an important step if you want an accurate schedule.

Step 7. Click on the blue “Get Directions” button.


Another pretty self-explanatory step.

Step 8. All done! Read your directions and go!


You can see several options. The bus you will take is bus 1. It stops every ten minutes at this particular stop. Your bus ride will be about 8 minutes. When you see the little walking guy, you know you will have to walk some to get to the exact location you are headed.

Example of Google Map Search

This route is from the bus stop in front of Caserma Ederle Chapel Gate to Teatro Olimpico. You can see that the bus will stop several times before you get off. After getting off the bus, the black route shows where you will walk to get to your destination. Along the right side, the directions are written out with the time it takes to get from one location to the next.


As you can see, google maps are easy to use and will help you get where you want to go whether in a car or taking the bus. The one limitation of using google maps is that only the Vicenza AIM buses are available. If you live in an outlying area, you will have to figure out the local bus schedule to get to Vicenza before you can use the google map information. Hopefully, in the future, all the areas served by the blue SITA buses will be included.